Problems with your DPF?

Australian DPF Centre are experienced specialists in servicing and restoring your vehicles DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). We provide a superior DPF cleaning service thanks to our state of the art ultrasonic and flash jet cleaners. Australian DPF Centre offer a range of service packages to suit all makes and models of cars, trucks, buses, motorhomes, light commercial, mining, machinery & marine.

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At the Australian DPF Centre, we’re committed to keeping your vehicles compliant with the Euro 5 standards and as economical as possible for you. Whether you’re a fleet or private owner, we are here to help.

Our Cleaning Services

Diesel Particulate Filter

A filter that captures and stores exhaust soot in order to reduce emissions from diesel cars

Selective Catalyst Reduction

An advanced active emissions control technology system that reduces tailpipe emissions of nitrogen oxides down to near-zero levels

Diesel Oxidising Catalyst

A device that breaks down the pollutants from a diesel engine in the exhaust stream by using a chemical process.

Engine Carbon Cleaning

Our innovative Engine Carbon Clean service uses the latest in hydrogen technology to remove carbon from your engine.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation

A mandatory engine part of all diesel and some petrol vehicles that limits gas emissions.

Fleet Maintenance

Our team and service centre have all that is needed to provide preventative maintenance for your fleet, small or large.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners are designed to use high frequency small bubbles in a cleaning tank to remove contaminants on a variety of parts and components.

Spare Parts & Accessories

Australian DPF Centre is your one-stop shop for high-quality and OEM spare car parts, tools, and accessories. We have a huge range of parts for your car, bus, motorhome or truck.

DPF Cleaning for all vehicle types including Commercial Vans & Trucks

Motorbikes – Cars – Vans – Trucks – Commercial Vehicles – Boats – Farm and Plant Machinery – Power Generators

Our Cleaning Process

We start your DPF cleaning process with an initial diagnosis. Unless your DPF is internally damaged, our patented cleaning service is a virtually 100% successful process in restoring your DPF back to full health. This revolutionary technology avoids the need to perform cutting, ovenbaking or welding. Each filter completes a thorough pre-clean inspection checking structural integrity of the filter core for signs of cracking, hot spots, melting and cell damage to ensure it is serviceable and will have a long lifespan – if it fails our pre-clean testing processes we can supply a new aftermarket unit where possible. We can clean any shape and size DPF guaranteed.

  1. Your blocked DPF is removed and sent to Australian DPF Centre (we can also arrange the removal and refitment service if required)
  2. DPF is endoscope inspected for internal damage and pre-clean photographs taken
  3. Back-pressure test is carried out to check the blockage level
  4. DPF placed into patented cleaning machine to fully remove all the soot and ash
  5. A further back pressure test is carried out to confirm flow and success of the advanced cleaning process
  6. The DPF is re-inspected with an endoscope and post-clean photographs taken
  7. The DPF clean is certified and signed off with a 12-month warranty
  8. Customer is advised and payment is made on completion
  9. DPF is returned to customer
  10. Your mechanic will then re-install the DPF into the vehicle, then carry out diagnostic and resetting routines (we can arrange this for you if required)

Select a service package

Once your DPF diagnosis is complete, our technicians will discuss a suitable package with you.

DPF Cleaning

Pre endoscopic diagnosis

Carry out Post DPF pressure check

DPF FLash-Jet Clean

Post endoscopic diagnosis

DPF cleaning certification

Engine Carbon Clean

DPF Clean + Engine Carbon Cleaning

Pre endoscopic diagnosis

Carry out Post DPF pressure check

DPF Flash-Jet Clean

Post endoscopic diagnosis

DPF cleaning certification

Engine Carbon Clean

Additional Services

SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction)

DOC (Diesel Oxidisation Catalyst)

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

CAT (Catalytic Converters)


Ultrasonic Part Cleaning

Engine Carbon Cleaning Available Separately

Engine Carbon Cleaning

Engine pre diagnosis fault code check

Engine Carbon clean for petrol & Diesel engines

Engine post diagnosis fault code check


Is DPF Cleaning really worth it?

A DPF filter can become blocked over time. Potential causes could include a faulty sensor, incorrect engine oil, a failing turbo or most commonly the vehicle has undertaken too many short journeys where the filter’s regeneration processes has not been initiated. At first you may be alerted to an engine failure warning light and if ignored, the engine could switch to ‘limp’ mode. At this stage the vehicle will only allow you to drive very slowly with the intention that you’re to take the car either home or to your nearest garage for inspection and repair. If the DPF filter is blocked beyond repair then a new DPF filter can cost thousands of dollars, with premium cars costing upwards of $3500 ultimately wiping out any of the savings associated with owning a diesel engine over a petrol version. Regular cleaning of the DPF can maintain and significantly prolong the life of your filter and ensure you may never have to fork out a hefty sum to replace it. In the short term, a DPF clean can increase your vehicles power output, increasing speed, acceleration and responsiveness. As well as this, you can often expect a boosted fuel efficiency – the potential fuel savings could cover the cost of the clean over time! In addition to this, a clean will continue to serve its purpose which is to reduce harmful emissions, reduce engine noise and resolve RWC emissions failures. – That’s right, a blocked filter could easily lead to a failed RWC.

Increased Performance

The back pressure caused by a blocked DPF can drastically reduce performance. A clear DPF aids engine responsiveness and power.

Detailed Diagnostics

Most drivers will see an improvement in fuel consumption thanks to a clear DPF. In some cases the fuel savings could exceed the cleaning cost.

Increased Fuel Economy

Our engineers will perform a detailed diagnostic check to ensure your DPF is running efficiently and notify you of any other potential warnings.

Extended Filter Life

By maintaining your current DPF you can dramatically improve it’s lifespan and ultimately prevent the need for a costly replacement filter.

Car Types

What vehicles have a DPF filter?

In November 2016, Australia adopted the Euro 5 emissions standards for diesel vehicles. All diesel engines are now required to be fitted with a DPF in the exhaust to stop harmful soot passing into the atmosphere. These Diesel Particulate Filters are either built into modern vehicles or retro fitted in older ones. If you’re unsure whether your vehicle has a DPF filter or not please get in touch and we’ll be happy to confirm based on the make, model or registration.


DID YOU KNOW? Your vehicle can fail a RWC if your DPF filter is not functioning properly!

Please note: Petrol engine vehicles do not use Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs).

All Makes And Models