Ultrasonic Cleaning

Removes machine oil, grease and waste from industrial parts

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If you’re looking for quality Ultrasonic cleaning services in Melbourne – Welcome

At the Australian DPF Centre we use our Ultrasonic Cleaning service to clean

Diesel Particulate Filters


Cylinder Heads

Exhaust Valves


Inlet Manifolds


There are many benefits to using our industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning process including improved efficiency, reduced costs, high accuracy and environmentally friendliness.

How it works

Ultrasonic Cleaning technology removes machine oil, grease and waste from industrial parts. Our Ultrasonic Cleaning system uses high-frequency sound waves in the form of flowing liquid. Products are immersed in the water and the cleaning process can be completed between 10 minutes and one hour, depending on the size and how dirty the product is. Our Ultrasonic machines achieve world class results and consistently surpass competitors in the industry.