For those who’ve been driving a diesel-operated vehicle for a long time, know what the Diesel Particulate Filter warning light on your mirror means. However, if you are someone who just switched to driving a diesel vehicle and are confused upon seeing a warning light, this guide is for you.

What Does a DPF Warning Light Means?

We all know that diesel vehicles get rid of the soot through active or passive regeneration by turning the soot into CO2 form. So, while driving, if you see the diesel particulate filter warning light flickering, your vehicle isn’t emitting the soot in the form of carbon dioxide in its natural state. The warning light indicates your vehicle’s inability to let go of the accumulated soot, which is one significant sign that it is now your turn to do something about it.

How can you fix the Problem when the DPF Warning Light appears?

The most asked question about the warning light is that the driver should stop the car immediately upon detecting it. Well, the answer is no. Upon initial detection, you do not have to stop your vehicle on the side of the road. Instead, the best way to fix the problem is to switch to the highway if you are near one. Once on the highway, it is recommend driving at around 40km/r of speed so that your vehicle heats up because of the fast driving. Once it starts heating up because of the pace, your car will automatically bring in the passive regeneration process. Hence, the soot will begin to clear. Another great option if you aren’t near a highway is to get your tank refilled. Passive regeneration only begins when you drive for long hours at high speed, which won’t happen if you are on the road going slowly. So, when you aren’t moving for long at high speed, your vehicle takes the active regeneration in order and heats your car by injecting the fuel. So, another cause as to why your car might have failed to work on active regeneration is because you might be low on fuel. Getting a tank refill will fix this. However, while active and passive regeneration is a great way to fix up your soot accumulation, getting a dpf cleaning service is of utmost importance too.

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