One of the best advancements in the vehicle world is the launch of diesel-operated vehicles. This is because the DPF these vehicles carry ensures that no harmful exhausts emit out into the environment, which has decreased the pollution caused by cars by a massive leap. However, while DPF works efficiently, there are times when you see a diesel particulate filter warning light blinking in your car. For drivers who are freshly converted to diesel-operate vehicles, this can be confusing as to why is there a warning light flashing. The answer to your confusion lies below.

Why is the DPF Warning Light Blinking in Your Car?

A diesel-operated vehicle is smart enough to not only accumulate the soot but get rid of it in a non-harmful way on its own. DPF gets rid of the soot in two regenerative processes: either active or passive. There can be times, though, when both these processes fail. It can be because you might be using the wrong oil, which isn’t helping heat up in the car in active regeneration, or simply because your vehicle is low on fuel. In such cases, you will see a DPF warning light switch on. The light indicates that the car cannot get rid of the soot on its own, and the exhaust soot is building up excessively in your DPF. The drawback of excessive soot accumulation is that your car will not only consume more fuel than before but will also turn low on efficiency and power.

Can You Continue Driving Your Car When The DPF Warning Light Starts Blinking?

Driving your car when the light starts flickering initially is of no harm. However, it is recommended that you do not drive it for long when the warning light is blinking. The best advice we can give you is to switch to a highway if you are near one and start driving at around 40Km/hr. This will help the car heat up and the passive regeneration to take action. Hence, your will immediately start emitting the soot safely. Finding a diesel dpf cleaning service is the next recommended step if there isn’t a highway nearby. The dpf cleaning service will help you remove the built-up soot from your DPF and help your car retain its temporarily lost efficiency.

Australian DPF Centre – Cleaning DPF for All Your Vehicles

DPF is one of the essential equipment for any diesel-operated vehicle, and cleaning it should always be your priority. The Australian DPF Centre understands this and has provided exceptional services nationwide. Established in 1985, our company has come a long way, and today the heart of Hallam, Australia, proudly hosts an Australian DPF Centre. The company provides exceptional services when it comes to car maintenance, and getting your DPF service is one of them. Over time, we have established strong relationships with our clients because of our reliable services without emptying their pockets. Hence, if you are someone new who wants to try out our service, we assure you that you won’t be disappointed.