To ensure that your diesel-operated vehicle remains working efficiently and doesn’t break down on you, you must maintain and ensure that your diesel particulate filter remains clean.However, the question is, how do you clean or maintain your diesel particulate filters? Want to know the answer? Hop on below.

How can you clean or maintain your Vehicle’s DPF?

One of the crucial things to ensure when you want to maintain your vehicle’s DPF is to make sure that the DPF filter can regenerate itself once it gets filled with soot. How can you do that? Well, follow the simple steps given below!

1.  Passive Regeneration

Passive regeneration starts happening when the heat in the engine begins building up and increases so excessively that soot or carbon starts combining with the oxygen to create carbon dioxide.So, the soot will eventually turn to carbon dioxide which is a gas and hence will quickly be emitted from the DPF into the environment safely. Passive regeneration happens when the vehicle is driven in under load typically. The filtration is so casual, and no big smokes are emitted; hence the driver won’t even know about this process happening.While this process does take place, it doesn’t always clean the DPF properly throughout the day, so active regeneration is one cleaning step that is majorly encouraged.

2.  Active Regeneration

While passive regeneration takes place when the engine heats up, your truck won’t always be loaded enough or be travelling long miles for it to heat up often, right? In cases when the engine itself is heating, the active regeneration is what comes in handy. In active regeneration, the engine will automatically allow the fuel to be injected into the exhaust stream when the soot levels reach a specific threshold. The fuel will pass the oxidation catalyst and then the fuel will be oxidized so that it creates heat. This produced heat is then used to change soot into CO2 and allow it to emit out of the DPF. Like passive regeneration, the active process also happens naturally without hinting at the driver. However, flicking the high exhaust temperature light will indicate that the process has begun.

What to do if Your DPF is Clogged Severely?

There are instances when your DPF can be clogged so severely that the active and passive processes might fail to work efficiently. However, failure to detect a blocked diesel particulate filter can lead to your engine breaking down, and your car being tampered. So, what do you do in such a situation? Well, you find the DPF filter cleaning service near you. If you cannot find a good diesel particulate filter cleaner in Australia, we suggest you check out the Australian DPF centre. In service since 1985, DPF is one of the best DPF cleaning services within Australia and provides its first-class services at reasonable prices throughout the nation. Not only do we make your PDF cleaning convenient but economical too. Ensuring that your engine runs on the Euro fiver standards, Australian DPF has formed a long-term relationship with all its previous clients because of our exceptional results. So, if you are looking for an excellent service, you’ll easily find us in Hallam, Australia.