If you drive a diesel-operated vehicle, we know that you must be aware of the functionality of DPF. Even if you aren’t familiar, let us inform you. DPF is a ceramic substance, a honeycomb-shaped filter near your engine in the exhaust compartment. The diesel particulate filters capture the exhaust-released soot and store it, ultimately ensuring that it doesn’t emit out into the environment and cause harmful effects. However, while the filter itself does a great job, there is something the driver of the vehicle should know about too.

What Causes the DPF to Block?

The DPF accumulates and stores soot in a compartment fixed for it. The storage space is limited, though, requiring release from time to time. While your diesel-operated vehicle is manufactured so that it releases these emissions with one of its two regenerative processes, there can be times when your DPF can be blocked. This situation occurs when the soot cannot be released through either of the two regenerative processes and begins to accumulate in massive amounts. The vehicle hence will see a decrease in efficiency and increase in fuel consumption, and long-term neglect can even cause your car to be tampered with.

How Will You know that your DPF is Getting Blocked?

The process is natural and safe when the vehicle is releasing soon in the form of carbon dioxide; hence, the driver won’t even know about it happening. However, the question is how you will know that your DPF is getting blocked when it isn’t releasing the accumulated soot. Situation when your DPF is getting blocked, the diesel particulate filter warning light will start to illuminate. The illumination of this light will indicate that your DPF isn’t emitting soot in the form of carbon dioxide.

What to do When the DPF Warning Light is flickered?

If you notice the light illuminating initially, it isn’t something to worry about, and you do not have to stop the car immediately. However, it is recommended to switch your lane towards the highway if you are near and start driving at about 40kmhr when at the highway. The fast driving will increase your vehicle’s heat, which eventually will start the passive regeneration. Hence, the soot will start releasing out. If you aren’t near the highway, finding the nearest diesel dpf cleaning service is recommended and getting your DPF clean. We might have the perfect diesel particulate filter cleaner service if you are near Hallam, Australia.

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