Engine / Injector / Exhaust & DPF – 4 pack Diesel

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Simple application into a full fuel tank of diesel. Common Rail Cleans entire fuel delivery system. Oxicat to clean Turbo EGR and exhaust system. DPF Power Clean removes accumulated soot / ash. Oil System Cleaner used before your oil change to remove engine operational contamination.



Available in 300ml

Product Characteristics:

OXICAT (petrol or diesel) a new decarbonising technology specially developed to exceed the most recent environmental standards. OXICAT dissolves resin, gum and carbon deposits in the entire exhaust system, oxygen sensor, lambda probe, catalytic converter and turbo charger as well. OXICAT can be used for petrol, diesel and even hybrid vehicles. Ideal if your car has failed testing due to high emissions.

• removes existing contaminations
• prevents heavy contamination if it’s used regularly
• increases fuel efficiency
• avoids OBD failure caused through high contamination
• ensures the proper function of the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor

During driving process, problems occur in the engine due to catalytic converter and oxygen sensor contamination causing an increase in fuel consumption, weak performance and an increase in harmful exhaust emissions such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. These problems occur in every vehicle especially if it’s used for short journeys, in vehicles that are continually stopping and starting and in regions where fuel quality is poor.

Application area: for all petrol, diesel and hybrid engines.

Reaction time: works during operation

Consumption: 300 ml for up to 60-80 litre fuel

Application: Add every 3 months to the fuel system before filling up with fuel.


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